Does your dog have trouble calming down inside? Does your dog get constantly distracted in public and ignore you? Are you being dragged by your dog when they are on lead? Consider our one of our board and train programs which is open to all breeds. By combining physical and mental exercise around the home and in public you can have a calmer, more balanced dog. Our board and train program fills up well in advance so make sure to reserve your spot. 


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You can call/text me at 209-819-2880


2 Week Jump Start Program - This 2 week board and train starts the foundation for leash work and basic commands. Imagine being able to walk your dog around the neighborhood with them not pulling, they sit and stay when asked, and can go to and relax on their place bed. A great program for younger dogs and owners who just want a little help. Program includes all training equipment and one field trip.


4 Week Board and Train Program - This is our most popular program. Your dog will be able to be more relaxed in the home and be more focused in public. This program covers all basic commands on and off leash and your dog will have a solid foundation for you to build upon. Includes three private lessons to ensure your dog succeeds once they are home, all training equipment, and two field trips to train in public. 


Public Manners Program - This 1 week program is only for dogs who have completed our 4 week board and train. Now that your dog has a solid foundation in obedience this program expands their confidence and compliance in public. In this program your dog will have more public outings around strange objects, people, and dogs to really take them to the next level. 


To get more information or to reserve your spot please contact me using the form below or call me at 209-819-2880.

About The Trainer:

Nichole Buckley-Warkentin

I use a balanced training approach utilizing reward and correction to teach your dog to make correct choices. Training is about consistency, communication and repetition, and a large part of what I do is to teach you, the owner, how to maintain your dogs training once they are home. I am always available for advice and support to ensure that you and your dog both succeed with your training goals.

I got my start with formal dog training working with dogs for waterfowl hunting, and still do a great deal of field training with our personal dogs. As any hunt trainer will tell you, obedience is the foundation of everything. You can’t truly progress your dog to more advanced training if the obedience is not solid.

This obedience is the same if your dog is training to work in the field or is simply a companion and well loved pet. We use the same methods to train pet dogs of all breeds that we use to train our field dogs when they begin obedience.